Take Action for Change

MCASA works tirelessly with Rape Crisis Centers and other allies to introduce bills that protect survivors, improve services, and hold offenders accountable, but support from you helps get them passed! Get informed about current legislation efforts, and find and contact your legislators and legislative committees.

Legislative Agenda

MCASA represents the unified voice and combined energy of all of its members working to eliminate sexual violence in the State of Maryland. MCASA supports legislation that promotes justice for survivors of sexual violence, accountability for offenders, and protection for the general public.

Maryland Law & Regulations

Survivors of sexual assault often have difficulty navigating and understanding the legal system. Maryland criminal law classifies different forms of sexual assault as different crimes. Regulations provide guidance to professionals on issues such as FNE and RCC certification, and reimbursement for forensic exams. 

Briefs & Memoranda

SALI files Amicus briefs as a "friend of the court" in appellate cases involving issues of significant import for sexual assault survivors. For community professionals, SALI prepares legal memoranda clarifying important issues in the law. 

Providers: Training

SALI provides expert advice, legal training, technical assistance, and resources for professionals working with sexual assault victims.

Legal Rights & Services for Survivors

Survivors have the right to be treated with dignity, respect, and sensitivity during the criminal justice process. The Sexual Assault Legal Institute helps protect those rights by providing comprehensive legal services, including issues ranging from employment, housing, education and financial support to criminal justice advocacy, immigration and family law. 

Rape Survivor Family Protection Act

Following years of advocacy, legislation to create a court process for sexual assault survivors to end the parental rights of rapists when the child was conceived through rape finally passed in February 2018. 


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