Act now - Ask the House Judiciary Committee to End Marriage as a Defense to Sex Crimes

Feb 21st, 2020

Rescind Marriage as a Defense to Sex Crimes

 Ask House Judiciary Committee Members to
SUPPORT HB590 with
NO Amendments

Thank you for all of your calls to the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee in support of rescinding marriage as a defense to sex crimes!

The House Judiciary Committee is now going to take up their version of the bill, and the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA) urges you to contact committee members to voice your support for HB 590: Marriage Should Not Be a Defense to Sex Crimes – Love is No Defense Act.

Currently, Maryland law allows marriage to be a defense to some sex crimes. Your legal relationship with another human being should not be an excuse to permit rape.
MCASA asks that you contact the members of the committee and voice your support for HB 590: Marriage Should Not Be a Defense to Sex Crimes – Love is No Defense Act, to give justice to survivors of marital rape and sex offenses.

A list of the members of the House Judiciary Committee along with their contact information is below.



Luke Clippinger, Chair (D-46)
Phone: 410-841-3488 | 301-858-3488
Email: [email protected]

Vanessa E. Atterbeary, Vice Chair (D-13)
Phone: 410-841-3471 | 301-858-3471
Email: [email protected]

Anne Arundel County:
J. Sandy Bartlett (D-32)
Phone: 410-841-3370 | 301-858-3370
Email: [email protected]

Michael E. Malone (R-33)
Phone: 410-841-3510 | 301-858-3510
Email: [email protected]

Baltimore City:
Curt Anderson (D-43)
Phone: 410-841-3291 | 301-858-3291
Email: [email protected]

Frank M. Conaway, Jr. (D-40)
Phone: 410-841-3189 | 301-858-3189
Email: [email protected] 

Baltimore County:
Jon S. Cardin (D-11)
Phone: 410-841-3054 | 301-858-3054
Email: [email protected]

Robin L. Grammer, Jr. (R-6)
Phone:  410-841-3298 | 301-858-3298
Email: [email protected] 

Baltimore and Harford Counties:
Lauren Arikan (R-7)
Phone: 410-841-3334 | 301-858-3334
Email: [email protected]

Cecil and Harford Counties:
Mike Griffith (R-35B)
Phone: 410-841-3444 | 301-858-3444
Email: [email protected]

Charles County:
Debra Davis (D-28)
Phone: 410-841-3337 | 301-858-3337
Email: [email protected]

Frederick and Carroll Counties:
Daniel L. Cox (R-4)
Phone: 410-841-3288 | 301-858-3288
Email: [email protected]

Jesse T. Pippy (R-4)
Phone: 410-841-3118 | 301-858-3118
Email: [email protected] 

Harford County:
Susan K. McComas (R-34B)
Phone: 410-841-3272 | 301-858-3272
Email: [email protected]

Montgomery County:
Charlotte Crutchfield (D-19)
Phone: 410-841-3485 | 301-858-3485
Email: [email protected]

Lesley J. Lopez (D-39)
Phone: 410-841-3021 | 301-858-3021
Email: [email protected]

David Moon (D-20)
Phone: 410-841-3474 | 301-858-3474
Email: [email protected]

Emily Shetty (D-18)
Phone: 410-841-3181 | 301-858-3181
Email: [email protected]

Prince George's County:
Wanika Fisher (D-47B)
Phone: 410-841-3340 | 301-858-3340
Email: [email protected]

Jazz Lewis (D-24)
Phone: 410-841-3691 | 301-858-3691
Email: [email protected]

Ron Watson (D-23B)
Phone: 410-841-3448 | 301-858-3448
Email: [email protected]

Nicole A. Williams (D-22)
Phone: 410-841-3058 | 301-858-3058
Email: [email protected]

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