CALL NOW: Ask the Senate to Vote for HB496/SB758

Apr 02nd, 2024

Last night, HB496 and SB758, the bills to change Maryland's rape law by repealing language focused on whether a victim resisted, passed the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. The bills are headed to the Senate floor this morning.

Call now to ask the Senate
to vote for HB496/SB758:
the Consent Bill

Sex without consent is rape, but Maryland's law does not reflect this. We need your calls, emails, and social media to change Maryland's rape law by repealing language that focuses on whether a victim resisted.

Right now, when one person has sex with someone without consent, Maryland’s rape law requires.

Force or Threat of Force.

Force or Threat of Force is proven by focusing on the survivor/victim and whether they resist.

House Bill 496/Senate Bill 758 would repeal the archaic and victim blaming statute requiring proof of "force or threat of force". Compromise amendments in the House responded to concerns about removing "force or threat of force." This amendment requires that in cases involving fear, threat, or coercion, the defendant must have known their actions would cause the victim to submit. This is fair and balanced language that would recognize rape without requiring that anyone read someone else's mind

Please ask your Senator
to vote for HB496/SB758!

You can find your Senator here, along with their contact information.

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