Call Now: Rape survivors need reproductive rights

Mar 03rd, 2023

Ask the House to support HB705

The right to an abortion has been Maryland law for 30 years, but many Marylanders don’t have access to an abortion provider or are forced to pay out of pocket. These barriers harm sexual assault survivors and women experiencing reproductive coercion. HB 705 would enshrine abortion access in our state's constitution. Let’s help sexual assault survivors by providing the highest level of legal protection for reproductive freedom in Maryland. 

Call now to ask the House to support HB705:
Access to abortion care is vital to survivors of rape and reproductive coercion

The CDC reports that almost 3 million women in the U.S. experienced Rape-Related Pregnancy (RRP) during their lifetime. 5% of rape victims of reproductive age (age 12-45) became pregnant as a result of rape, with the majority of pregnancies in adolescents.  Of these, half terminated the pregnancy. Adolescents are more likely to become pregnant as result of rape because they are less likely to be on birth control or to seek emergency contraception following a rape. 

Reproductive coercion is a form of intimate partner violence where someone's partner tries to control reproductive decisions by preventing access to or tampering with birth control or forcing sexual intercourse with the intent of causing pregnancy. Of women who were raped by an intimate partner, 30% experienced a form of reproductive coercion by the same partner. These survivors need access to abortion care if they become pregnant and choose not to continue the pregnancy.

Help Sexual Assault Survivors.
Ask your legislators to support HB705

You can look up your Delegates here, along with their contact information.

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