COMMITTEE VOTING TODAY! (3/2) Legislative Alert: Support SB346 - Peace Orders - Grounds for Relief

Mar 02nd, 2016

Legislative Alert!

Committee Voting Today

Support SB346 - Peace Orders - Grounds for Relief 

Peace orders allow petitioners to obtain an order that requires a respondent to stay away from them and are an important safety measure for many victims of sexual harassment.  SB346 adds revenge porn, visual surveillance, misuse of electronic communications or interactive computer services, and misuse of telephone equipment to the list of potential grounds for a Peace Order.  Adding these behaviors, which affect many survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence, is essential for ensuring that Maryland law keeps pace with advances in technology and its impact on survivors. The protection provided by a Peace Order can help prevent escalation of sexual violence and provides victims with an emergency order to stop further harm.  This bill is one of MCASA’s legislative prioritiesfor the current legislative session. Please immediately contact members of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, who are voting today, and urge representatives to support SB 346. For your convenience, contact information is included below. Your voice makes a difference. Thank you for your support and dedication to ending sexual violence, Lisae Lisae C. Jordan, Esq. Executive Director & Counsel


  Baltimore County Robert A. (Bobby) Zirkin, Chair (D-11) Phone: (410) 841-3131 | (301) 858-3131 E-mail:   Baltimore City Lisa A. Gladden, Vice Chair (D-41) Phone: (410) 841-3697 | (301) 858-3697 E-mail:   Baltimore County James Brochin (D-42) Phone: (410) 841-3648 | (301) 858-3648 E-mail:   Carroll County Justin D. Ready (R-5) Phone: (410) 841-3683 | (301) 858-3683 E-mail:   Carroll & Frederick Counties Michael J. Hough (R-4) Phone: (410) 841-3704 | (301) 858-3704 E-mail:   Cecil & Harford Counties Wayne Norman (R-35) Phone: (410) 841-3603 | (301) 858-3603 E-mail:   Harford County Robert G. Cassilly (R-34) Phone: (410) 841-3158 | (301) 858-3158 E-mail:   Montgomery County Susan C. Lee (D-16) Phone: (410) 841-3124 | (301) 858-3124 E-mail: Jamin B. (Jamie) Raskin (D-20) Phone: (410) 841-3634 | (301) 858-3634 E-mail:   Prince George's County C. Anthony Muse (D-26) Phone: (410) 841-3092 | (301) 858-3092 E -mail: Victor R. Ramirez (D-47) Phone: (410) 841-3745 | (301) 858-3745 E-mail:

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