Apr 03rd, 2017




Don't ignore the subtext It's On Us PSA: Autocorrect 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men experience rape during their time at college. If we're serious about changing this alarming statistic and preventing sexual violence in our communities, education about consent needs to begin before college.  This year, Delegate Ariana Kelly and Delegate Marice Morales are the lead sponsors for HB1560, which would require that age-appropriate consent education curriculum be taught to grades 5 and higher in Maryland public schools. Our students need to know what consent is, and why it matters. Without consent, it's sexual assault. Please call the members of the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee and encourage them to SUPPORT HB1560-Consent Education Bill. Contact information is below. To learn more about MCASA's 2017 legislative agenda and how you can help, visit Thank you for your activism and support for sexual assault survivors. We must continue to speak up and speak out. Lisae C. Jordan Executive Director and Counsel   MARYLAND SENATE EDUCATION, HEALTH, AND ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE PHONE AND EMAILS: Leadership: Joan Carter Conway (D-43) –Chair  Phone: 410-841-3145 | 301-858-3145 Email: [email protected] Paul G. Pinsky (D-22) –Vice Chair Phone: 410-841-3155 | 301-858-3155  Email: [email protected] Anne Arundel County: Bryan W. Simonaire (R-31)  Phone: 410-841-3658 | 301-858-3658 Email: [email protected] Baltimore City: Barbara Robinson (D-40) Phone: 410-841-3656 | 301-858-3656 Email: [email protected] Baltimore County: Johnny Ray Salling (R-6) Phone: 410-841-3587 | 301-858-3587 Email: [email protected] Baltimore City & Baltimore County: Shirley Nathan-Pulliam (D-44) Phone: 410-841-3612 | 410-841-3612 Email: [email protected] Calvert & St. Mary’s Counties: Steve Waugh (R-29) Phone: 410-841-3673 | 301-858-3673 Email: [email protected] Carroll and Howard Counties:  Gail H. Bates (R-9) Phone: 410-841-3671 | 301-858-3671 Email:  [email protected] Frederick County:  Ronald N. Young (D-3) Phone: 410-841-3575 | 301-858-3575 Email: ronald.[email protected] Montgomery County: Cheryl C. Kagan (D-17) Phone: 410-841-3134 | 301-858-3134 Email:  [email protected]us Craig J. Zucker (D-14) Phone: 410-841-3625 | 301-858-3625 Email: [email protected]us

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