House Passes Major Reforms to Help Sexual Assault Survivors

Mar 10th, 2017

 House Passes Major Reforms to Help Sexual Assault Survivors

Thank you Chairman Vallario, Vice-Chair Dumais  

The Maryland House of Delegates made major strides for survivors of sexual violence yesterday when it sent four bills to the Senate:
  • No Means No - Physical Resistance Not Required in Rape Cases, HB429
  • Protection for Child Victims of Sex Trafficking, HB632
  • Rape Kit Retention - Preserving Evidence for 20 years, HB255
  • Rape Survivor Family Protection Act, HB428
Special thanks to Chairman Joe Vallario, the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, which heard all of these bills.  Without the Chairman, these bills would never have seen a vote. Thank you also to Vice-Chair Kathleen Dumais, whose leadership is critical to shepherding these bills through the House of Delegates. Next steps:  The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee still needs to VOTE on the Rape Survivor Family Protection Act, SB574.  We look to Chairman Bobby Zirkin to move this bill to the floor.  The Rape Survivor Family Protection Act creates a process for rape victims to ask the court to terminate the parental rights of rapists when a child is conceived as a result of rape.  SB574 also prohibits the cruel and humiliating practice of publishing the names of rape victims in the newspaper when the perpetrator cannot be located. Thank you again to everyone who has helped with calls, emails, and visits.  Please continue to speak up, speak out, and help make a difference for survivors of sexual assault.  With your help, we are making progress! Best regards, Lisae Lisae C Jordan, Executive Director & Counsel

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