MCASA E-Lert: Victims Of Sexual Assault, Child Abuse & Domestic Violence Need Lawyers, Urge Senators To Vote In Favor Of SB 811

Mar 11th, 2019

Every victim of sexual assault or domestic violence should have access to an attorney in a family law case. Without this access, many survivors face harm because they can lose pensions, housing, and safety.

Many survivors of sexual assault or domestic violence are left  unrepresented to face their abuser in family law proceedings. Survivors should not be left to face their abuser alone. 

Senate Bill 811, would dedicate money to increase legal services in family law cases for victims. This would help ensure safety and long-term stability for survivors by creating and sustaining access to family law services to victims by sexual assault programs, domestic violence programs, and legal services programs.

The Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault urges you to contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and ask them to vote favorably on SB811 - Family Law Services for Sustained Safety Fund. 

This bill would ensure that victims have meaningful access to family law services and prevent further victimization of these survivors by their abusers.

Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee
Senator Bobby Zirkin, Chair
District 11, Baltimore County
410-841-3131 | 301-858-3131
[email protected]
Senator William C. Smith, Jr., Vice-Chair
District 20, Montgomery County
410-841-3634 | 301-858-3634
[email protected]
Senator Jill P. Carter
District 41, Baltimore City
410-841-3697 | 301-858-3697
[email protected]
Senator Bob Cassilly
District 34, Harford County
410-841-3158 | 301-858-3158
[email protected]
Senator Katie Hester
District 9, Carroll and Howard Counties
410-841-3671 | 301-858-3671
[email protected]
Senator Michael J. Hough
District 4, Fredrick and Carroll Counties
410-841-3704 | 301-858-3704
[email protected]
Senator Susan C. Lee
District 16, Montgomery County
410-841-3124 | 301-858-3124
[email protected]
Senator Justin Ready
District 5, Carroll County
410-841-3683 | 301-858-3683
[email protected]
Senator Jeff Waldstreicher
District 18, Montgomery County
410-841-3137 | 301-858-3137
[email protected]
Senator Mary L. Washington
District 43, Baltimore City
410-841-3145 | 301-858-3145
[email protected]
Senator Chris West
District 42, Baltimore County
410-841-3648 | 301-858-3648
[email protected]

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