MCASA in the News: Despite pandemic, help is still available to sexual assault survivors

Aug 14th, 2020

Sexual assault is a traumatic experience that can leave survivors concerned about what they should do next. The questions and fears they have following an assault are commonly overwhelming and scary, and the additional stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic have created new barriers to getting help. Survivors often weigh a number of concerns before asking for help, and these concerns have only been compounded by the pandemic.

“You need to know that all the rape crisis centers across Maryland are open and ready to help you.”
Lisae C. Jordan, Executive Director of MCASA

Advocates are working from home, providing hotline services and telehealth, and are even available in-person when necessary, with protocols in place to protect survivors and those serving them. Sexual assault forensic exams (SAFEs) are still available for survivors who need them. 

Find your local rape crisis center & information on completing a SAFE exam during COVID-19

Help for sexual assault survivors is still available, even in the face of stay at home orders.

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