MCASA in the News:  Maryland House of Delegates Passes Bill Addressing Teen Sexting - Next Stop: Senate

Mar 11th, 2021

The Maryland House of Delegates made a big move to protect teens in Maryland this past Wednesday when they passed HB180, sponsored by Delegate Luke Clippinger (D-Baltimore City), a bill that defines a process for handling juveniles charged with sexting.

The intent of the bill, which is one of MCASA's legislative priorities this session, is to balance the need to prevent creation and distribution of child pornography, protect minors from being coerced into sending images of themselves, and prevent minors from being criminally prosecuted for what has become a common practice. It does not legalize sexting for juveniles, but rather defines certain cases that aren’t a part of child pornography laws.

"The sexting bill carefully balances the need to prevent the creation and distribution of child pornography with the reality of teenagers sending images to one another in the course of a healthy relationship." -Lisae C. Jordan, Executive Director of MCASA

Now that the bill has passed the House, it will move on to the Senate. 

You can click here to read the article.

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