MCASA in the News: Strangers rally to donate thousands for sexual assault victims

When a survivor reports to the hospital after a sexual assault, their undergarments are gathered for evidence, and they may be sent home without these most basic necessities. 

After learning this, Meaghan Smith of Carroll County decided while holiday shopping to purchase as much new underwear as she could. When her fellow shoppers heard what she was doing, they chipped in too, helping Meaghan buy thousands of dollars' worth of new undergarments for survivors.

Their generosity has gone viral, largely due to a common lack of understanding of how many unmet needs survivors face. 

“We really need to do better.  We have small unmet needs, things like underwear after an assault, but also, really large unmet needs.  We need better community support, better political support and better financial support.”  -Lisae C. Jordan, Executive Director of MCASA

You can click here to watch the segment and read the article.

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