MCASA in the News: Victim-Blaming in the Rockville High School Case

Mar 31st, 2017

A recent article from WTOP revealed antiquated, victim-blaming responses to the recent rape at Rockville High School. The attorneys representing the two teens accused of raping a 14-year old fellow student at Rockville High School stated that a crime was not committed. One, Andrew Jezic, asserts that the act was consensual because there was no evidence that the victim physically resisted or screamed. In the article, MCASA’s Executive Director and Counsel Lisae Jordan, Esq. responded to the attorney’s remarks, calling them “appalling.” She further disputed the suggestion that because the victim texted her assailants, she consented to the assault. “A flirtatious message, a suggestive message; it’s not an enforceable contract, and it doesn’t mean that you have to have sex,” Jordan said. “You get to withdraw your consent, and if someone has sex with you without your consent — that’s rape.” Right now in Annapolis, MCASA is fighting for a bill that would modernize Maryland’s sexual assault statutes. The bill (HB429/SB217) has passed out of the House and is progressing in the Senate, and would make it clear that victims are never required to physically resist a sexual assault. Victims should never have to hear from investigators the kinds of comments Mr. Jezic made, that because there are no scratches or bruises showing physical resistance, they weren’t assaulted. Victims deserve better; Marylanders deserve better.   To support MCASA's efforts to end sexual violence in Maryland, click here.

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