MCASA joins with other advocates against racial injustice and police brutality

Jun 02nd, 2020

Repeated violence against Black men and other people of color is part of our country’s persistent racism and oppression, and MCASA unites with other advocates working to change this permanently. Our organization reaffirms its commitment to addressing systemic racism. We know that all oppressions are inextricably linked, that we cannot end sexual violence without ending racism, and that sexual violence is linked to other forms of violence. We acknowledge that racism harms all people and specifically Black people and people of color and that these harms are present every day in ways large and small including for survivors of sexual assault and those advocating for an end to sexual violence.

MCASA is proud to stand with The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and other anti-violence organizations to call for Congressional House leaders to take legislative action for the structural change necessary to protect our communities. We note that many of the actions can be taken at the state level and have shared this letter with the Chairs of the House Judiciary and Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee and the Chair of the Workgroup to Address Police Reform and Accountability in Maryland.

"We urge you to take swift and decisive legislative action in response to ongoing fatal police killings and other violence against Black people across our country. Federal statutory reforms are urgently needed on a range of policing issues, including use of force, police accountability, racial profiling, militarization, data collection, and training...

Abusive police practices coupled with devastating state-sanctioned violence have exacted systemic brutality and fatality upon Black people since our nation’s founding...The current public protests in our cities are a response not only to unjust policing of Black people but are a cry for action to public officials for structural change, writ large...

Now is the time for Congress to pass meaningful police reform legislation. While we appreciate hearings and resolutions, we need comprehensive measures enacted."

Please click here to read the letter in its entirety.

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