The Maryland Kids Code will help protect kids from online sexual exploitation

Mar 07th, 2024

Introduced by Delegates Jared Solomon, C.T. Wilson, and Sara Love, the Maryland Kids Code seeks to protect kids online.

House Bill 603 outlines a proven framework that's already protecting kids in other states to provide privacy-by-default and safety-by-design to Maryland youth. This legislation would require tech companies to design products accessed by youth with children’s well-being in mind, and restrict data collection and profiling of children in ways that are detrimental to youth.

The Maryland Kids Code would also help protect kids from online sexual exploitation. Leading research states 40% of children report they have been approached online by someone attempting to befriend or manipulate them. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reports that since 2012, they have seen an 8,000% (eight-thousand percent) increase in tips to this cyberline. This includes:

  • Over 80,000 reported incidents of online enticement of children for sexual acts; and
  • Almost 32 million reported incidents of child pornography.

The Kids Code will help prevent crimes and protect our kids against sexual predators and sexual exploitation.

The Senate version of the bill (SB 571), introduced by Senators Benjamin Kramer, Katie Fry Hester, and Chris West, has already successfully passed the Senate Finance Committee. 

Votes are expected in the House soon.
Call now and ask the House Economic Matters Committees to
support HB 603
and protect Maryland's kids online!


C.T. Wilson, Chair (District 28, Charles)
Phone: 410-841-3325 | 301-858-3325
[email protected]

Brian Crosby, Vice Chair (District 29B, St. Mary's)
Phone: 410-841-3227 | 301-858-3227
[email protected]

Anne Arundel
Seth A. Howard (District 30B, Anne Arundel)   
410-841-3439 | 301-858-3439
[email protected]

Andrew C. Pruski (District 33A, Anne Arundel)
410-841-3340 | 301-858-3340
[email protected] 

Mike Rogers (District  32, Anne Arundel)
410-841-3372 | 301-858-3372
[email protected]

Baltimore City
Marlon Amprey (District 40, Baltimore City)
410-841-3520 | 301-858-3520
[email protected]    

Baltimore County
Carl Jackson (District 8, Baltimore County)
410-841-3766 | 301-858-3766
[email protected]

Calvert County
Mark N. Fisher (District 27C, Calvert)
410-841-3231 | 301-858-3231
[email protected]

Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, and Wicomico Counties
Christopher T. Adams  (District 37B, Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, & Wicomico)
410-841-3343 | 301-858-3343
[email protected]    

Steven J. Arentz  (District 36, Kent, Queen Anne's, Cecil, & Caroline)
410-841-3543 | 301-858-3543
[email protected] 

Frederick County
Jesse T. Pippy (District 4, Frederick) 
410-841-3118 | 301-858-3118
[email protected]

Frederick and Carroll Counties
April Rose (District 5, Frederick & Carroll)
410-841-3070 | 301-858-3070
[email protected]

Harford County
Andre V. Johnson, Jr. (District 34A, Harford)
410-841-3801 | 301-858-3801
[email protected]

Montgomery County
Lorig Charkoudian (District 20, Montgomery)
410-841-3423 | 301-858-3423
[email protected]  

David Fraser-Hidalgo (District 15, Montgomery)
410-841-3186 | 301-858-3186
[email protected]

Lily Qi (District 15, Montgomery)
410-841-3090 | 301-858-3090
[email protected]

Pam Queen (District 14, Montgomery)
410-841-3380 | 301-858-3380
[email protected]

Prince George's County
Adrian Boafo (District 23, Prince George's)
410-841-3047 | 301-858-3047
[email protected]    

Diana M. Fennell (District 47A, Prince George's)
410-841-3478 | 301-858-3478
[email protected]

Andrea Fletcher Harrison (District 24, Prince George's)
410-841-3919 | 301-858-3919
[email protected]

Veronica Turner (District 26, Prince George's)
410-841-3212 | 301-858-3212
[email protected]

Kriselda Valderrama (District 26, Prince George's) 
410-841-3210 | 301-858-3210
[email protected]

Washington and Frederick Counties
William J. Wivell (District 2A, Washington & Frederick)
410-841-3447 | 301-858-3447
[email protected]

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