Tomorrow: Tweet at Governor Hogan to Save VOCA

Jan 13th, 2022

Join us on Twitter tomorrow, Friday, January 14, to #SaveVOCA!

Federal Victim of Crime Act (VOCA) funding supports services for crime victims all across the state of Maryland. Funds are used for services such as counseling, advocacy, domestic violence shelters, child advocacy centers, support for rape victims at the hospital, and victim-witness support in court. Many types of crime victims receive support including sexual assault survivors, victims of elder abuse, human trafficking survivors, domestic violence victims, abused and neglected children, family members of homicide victims, and others.

The situation is dire! Funds for these critical services will be drastically reduced this year, and the process to replenish this pool of funding will take an estimated 2-3 years. This gap in funding threatens to leave victims of crime in Maryland without the help they need. The services in jeopardy are vital for survivors of sexual violence, abuse, and exploitation, all while survivors are dealing with economic instability, homelessness, job loss, mental health needs, amplified trauma, and isolation. In November, a broad group of over thirty crime victim programs wrote to Governor Hogan requesting he use state funding to prevent devastating cuts to core services for victims of crime. The temporary funding gap can be filled as part of the state budget he will introduce on January 19.

TOMORROW, January 14, join the Twitter storm from 2pm - 3pm ET to tell Governor Hogan to fund the gap and save VOCA!

And join us virtually on Thursday, January 20 to learn more about funding for survivors in Maryland at MCASA's Legislative Reception.

Sample Tweets

VOCA helps fund rape crisis centers, anti-sex trafficking programs, and other services helping victims of crime across Maryland. Massive federal funding cuts threaten to end federal support for thousands of Maryland survivors. @GovLarryHogan survivors need you to #FundTheGap! 

VOCA funding cuts threaten to end support for thousands of Maryland survivors. The state has to pick up the tab or leave survivors without the help they need. @GovLarryHogan please do not abandon Maryland’s survivors – #SaveVOCA!

Maryland's current excess funds + revenue projections for current and upcoming years = more than $4.5 billion. This historic budget surplus can easily cover the temporary gap in federal VOCA funding. @GovLarryHogan survivors need you to #FundTheGap!

At a time when survivors are dealing with economic instability, homelessness, job loss, amplified trauma, and isolation, funding cuts threaten to leave them without the help they need. @GovLarryHogan please do not abandon Maryland’s victims of crime – #SaveVOCA!

The COVID crisis increased the # of survivors seeking services AND the # of services survivors seek. It’s essential that they continue to receive the lifesaving legal services, advocacy, healing, and housing services they need. @GovLarryHogan survivors need you to #SaveVOCA!

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