Workplace Harassment Reforms Pass

Apr 04th, 2019

Workplace Harassment Reforms Pass 

Employees to Have Stronger Protection

from Sexual Harassment


Silver Spring, Md., April 4, 2019 — The Maryland General Assembly has passed comprehensive legislation to help address workplace harassment.  House Bill 679 and Senate Bill 872 were sponsored by the presiding officers, Speaker Michael Busch and President Mike Miller, and introduced at the request of the General Assembly’s Workplace Harassment Commission.  The Commission was established in January 2018 and charged with reviewing existing state anti-harassment policies.  A final report was issued last fall and recommendations included the statutory changes passed last night.

The legislation contains major legal reforms that will help victims of sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination.  Lisae C Jordan, Executive Director of the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault and a member of the General Assembly’s Workplace Harassment Commission commented, “This will be tremendous progress for the women and men in Maryland.  It builds on the State’s current policies and will help make our workplaces safer and more productive by preventing harassment and strengthening access to remedies when harassment occurs.”  The bill goes next to the Governor who can sign it into law, permit it to become law without his signature, or veto the bill.

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