Services for sexual assault survivors in Maryland are available during the COVID-19 crisis. Local rape crisis centers, SALI, and MCASA are available to provide direct services. Learn more

Prevention 101

The most helpful way to fight sexual assault is to work to make sure it never happens in the first place.  Prevention theories address changing underlying behaviors and attitudes that may lead to sexual violence. 

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Adults can take the lead in helping prevent child sexual abuse by speaking openly to their children about sexuality, healthy relationships and by listening to children and respecting their boundaries.  Adults can also help by learning to recognize the signs of abuse, believing a child who discloses abuse and reporting the abuse.

It Only Takes One

AnyONE, anywhere, can take a stand and help to end sexual assault. 

Prevention in Schools

Research has consistently indicated that sexual violence at colleges is a pervasive issue, with one in five female students experiencing sexual violence during her time in college. It is critical that experts in the sexual violence field, activists, educators, and higher education administrators now work together to combat rape culture and prevent sexual assault before it happens.


Consent is a clear, concrete example of what it takes to end sexual harassment, abuse, and assault, and asking for consent is a normal and necessary part of sex.

Newsletter: Frontline

Frontline, MCASA's quarterly eNewsletter, features articles on topics related to sexual assault prevention and response, in columns such as the Prevention Corner and the College Consortium. Frontline also includes articles on underserved populations, the impact of technology on sexual assault (the Safety Sync column), and a Program Spotlight section that showcases the work of Maryland's local rape crisis center programs. 

Prevention Resources

Additional prevention resources and links.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Every April our statewide community comes together to start important conversations about sexual assault. 


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