MCASA is excited to release our newest prevention tool Environmental and Situational Strategies for Sexual Violence Prevention: A Practitioners’ Guide to Leveraging Evidence for Impact on College Campuses. In partnership with researchers at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, we developed this guide to provide a framework for practitioners, advocates, and college administrators interested in exploring and bringing environmental and situational prevention (ESP) strategies to their campuses. 

The guide includes various customizable tools that campus teams can utilize to support their work. MCASA is also available to provide ongoing training and technical assistance for Maryland practitioners utilizing these tools on their campuses and in their communities. 

On this page you can access the full guide, download and customize tools, explore additional readings from researchers in the field, and utilize resources for program implementation. This guide is a living document and our team is excited to collaborate with practitioners in the field to learn from your work and make improvements to this project!


Download the GuideWatch the Launch Webinar

If you would like to share your comments or questions about the guide or tools, please email us at [email protected]. If you are interested in talking with us about ESP for SV prevention on your campus or in your community, or if you may want to partner with us to implement ESP interventions, please complete our contact form here.