Services for sexual assault survivors in Maryland are available during the COVID-19 crisis. Local rape crisis centers, SALI, and MCASA are available to provide direct services. Learn more


MCASA regularly provides and supports training typically tailored for professionals and volunteers working in the fields of sexual assault prevention and response, such as victim advocacy and college sexual assault. 

Resources for Professionals & Responders

MCASA represents the unified voice and combined energy of all of its members working to eliminate sexual violence in the State of Maryland.  MCASA supports legislation that promotes justice for survivors of sexual violence, accountability for offenders, and protection for the general public.

Resources on Specific Topics

Sexual Assault is a complex issue with a variety of responses and nuances necessary to the individual who has survived it and the communities they identify with.  MCASA provides training and technical assistance on a wide variety of topics.

Online Training Library

MCASA has compiled a variety of free online trainings related to sexual violence in Maryland and in the United States. 

Media Kit

A one stop location for members of the media to learn about MCASA, its programs and the Rape Crisis and Recovery Centers.

Press Releases

Our press releases as well as MCASA’s news appearances.


To order brochures covering a variety sexual assault related topics click below.