The right to an abortion has been Maryland law for 30 years, and sexual assault survivors, survivors of reproductive coercion, women, and all pregnant people deserve access to abortion care. Abortion is still legal in Maryland. Please see the list below of abortion resources. 

Access to abortion care is vital to survivors of rape. 
The CDC reports that almost 3 million women in the U.S. experienced Rape-Related Pregnancy (RRP) during their lifetime. 5% of rape victims of reproductive age (age 12-45) became pregnant as a result of rape, with the majority of pregnancies in adolescents.  Of these, half terminated the pregnancy. Adolescents are more likely to become pregnant as result of rape because they are less likely to be on birth control or to seek emergency contraception following a rape. 

Survivors of Reproductive Coercion need access to abortion care. 
Reproductive coercion is a form of intimate partner violence where a woman’s partner tries to control reproductive decisions by preventing access to, or tampering with, birth control or forcing sexual intercourse with the intent of causing pregnancy. Of women who were raped by an intimate partner, 30% experienced a form of reproductive coercion by the same partner. These survivors need access to abortion care if they become pregnant and choose not to continue the pregnancy.

MCASA stands with survivors everywhere.
We are committed to ensuring access to abortion and reproductive health care.

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Map of Maryland counties with Montgomery, Prince George's, Baltimore, and Baltimore City highlighted.. Title reads: Maryland State's Attorney's Responses to the Overturning of Roe v. Wade by County. On June 24th, 2022, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade overruling decades of protections for reproductive rights and triggering abortion bans across the country.  Abortion is still legal in Maryland. In response, multiple Maryland State's Attorney's Offices pledged to protect the reproductive rights of all women. So far three counties and Baltimore City have announced noncooperative policies, stating that they will not participate in the extradition of individuals who travel to Maryland as a safe haven for obtaining an abortion, nor cooperate with any investigative efforts to identify providers.