Take Action for Change

MCASA works tirelessly with Rape Crisis Centers and other allies to introduce bills that protect survivors, improve services, and hold offenders accountable, but support from you helps get them passed! Get informed about current legislation efforts, and find and contact your legislators and legislative committees.

Tips for Friends & Family of Survivors

When someone you care about has been sexually assaulted it can be difficult to know what to do or say. The most important thing that you can do from the beginning is to believe them and listen without judgement.  Your loved one needs your love and support no matter the circumstances of the assault.

Stay Connected & Share Information

Staying knowledgeable is a powerful tool in the fight against sexual violence.  Get informed and be a voice for change by participating in our social media efforts.  Together, we can spread the word, be heard and make a difference.

Donate to MCASA

Even a little bit helps, you can make a difference.  Make a tax deductible donation to MCASA and you can help make sure a survivor reaching out for legal advice for the first time is put in contact with a compassionate, knowledgeable advocate or help advocate for victims’ right in Annapolis.

Upcoming Events

MCASA regularly provides and supports statewide training on a wide range of topics for professionals working in the fields of sexual assault prevention and response. MCASA also supports community outreach events across the state. Show your support for survivors and join us at one of our upcoming events!

Become a Member

Become a member today and help end sexual violence in Maryland! Together with our members, MCASA actively works to end sexual violence in the state of Maryland through public policy, community outreach, education, technical assistance and legal services. We offer Regular and Advocate memberships for individuals and encourage agencies and businesses to apply to become Allied Organizations. 


Do you want to be more involved?  There are volunteer and internship opportunities at our office or at local rape crisis centers.


To order brochures on sexual assault issues that you can distribute, click below.