MCASA in the News: Maryland has a Rape Problem

Dec 08th, 2021

Where is the outrage over Maryland’s sexual assaults?

Last month, a former Baltimore County police officer convicted of two counts of second-degree rape was placed in home detention. MCASA and other advocates against sexual assault spoke out against the persistent “blame the victim” mentality that continues to allow such light sentences. 

Yesterday, The Baltimore Sun published an editorial highlighting the lack of attention given to sexual assault and rape across the state. Last year, there were 1,891 rapes statewide, according to Maryland State Police- a whopping 65% increase since 2014. The entire state of Maryland has a rape problem, and there doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as much concern in comparison to other violent crimes committed in the state. The lives of sexual assault survivors matter, too.

To combat rape and sexual assault in the state, MCASA is advocating for:

  • Greater funding for rape crisis centers
  • An end to the practice of allowing marriage to be used in the defense of sexual assaults
  • Greater privacy protection for victims whose images are captured by police body cameras
  • Strengthening of the law banning sexual harassment in the workplace

And that’s just a start. For more information on MCASA's work, visit our website

If you, or a loved one, are a survivor of sexual violence in Maryland, help is available

To find your local rape crisis center, visit our website or call 211 to be connected with local resources.
For legal support, call MCASA's Sexual Assault Legal Institute (SALI): 301-565-2277, or toll-free 877-496-SALI.

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