Services for sexual assault survivors in Maryland are available during the COVID-19 crisis. Local rape crisis centers, SALI, and MCASA are available to provide direct services. Learn more

SALI - Sexual Assault Legal Institute

MCASA’s Sexual Assault Legal Institute (SALI) provides comprehensive legal services to survivors of sexual violence statewide, as well as training and technical assistance for professionals working with survivors.

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Criminal Justice Advocacy

Crime Victim Rights:

  • Right to be treated with dignity, respect and sensitivity during the criminal justice process
  • Right to be notified of court and parole hearings related to case
  • Right to be present at all court hearings related to case that the Defendant has a right to attend
  • Right to be notified of the terms of any plea agreement
  • Right to be heard by the court before the Defendant is sentenced and by the parole board regarding release
  • Right to request restitution from the Defendant
  • Right to be notified of parole and probation violation
  • Right to be notified of destruction of SAFE kits

Other Areas of Criminal Justice Assistance:

  • Assist in enforcing crime victims' rights
  • Health: Requesting and receiving results of HIV and HEP C testing
  • Safety: Setting release conditions
  • Privacy: Requesting that contact and other personal information remain confidential
  • Financial: Criminal Injuries Compensation Board (CICB)
  • General legal advocacy and counsel regarding the criminal justice process

For more information, contact SALI directly at 301-565-2277 or toll-free at 877-496-SALI.

Civil Services for Survivors

  • Peace and Protective Order
  • Privacy Issues
    1. Non-consensual sharing of intimate images (consultation and referral)
    2. Confidentiality and safety
  • Financial Compensation
  • Housing Issues
    • Termination of lease
  • Employment Law Matters
    • Sexual harassment
    • Disability benefits
    • Family Medical Leave Act
  • Primary and Secondary School Issues
    • Administrative hearings
    • School sex discrimination and sexual harassment policies
  • Immigration
    • VAWA self-petitions, U Visas, and T Visas
  • Family Law Matters
    • Divorce
    • Custody
  • Referrals for Tort Cases
  • Safety Planning