MCASA in the News: New Maryland law will allow child sexual abuse survivors to seek civil justice years after the crime 

Sep 19th, 2023

Delegate CT Wilson and MCASA's Executive Director Lisae C. Jordan, Esq. were on-air with WYPR this morning to discuss the new Maryland law that will expand the statute of limitations for child survivors of sexual abuse. 

For people who were sexually abused as children, it can take years to process their trauma and decide how to move forward. Until now, Maryland law prevented many survivors from suing alleged abusers and the institutions that protected them. The Child Victims Act of 2023 goes into effect on October 1st, and eliminates the statute of limitations in civil suits based on child sexual abuse. MCASA honors Delegate Wilson and the enormous personal sacrifice his continued advocacy for this bill entailed. 

"It's important for survivors to remember that no matter how long ago this happened, we are there for you, we believe you, and we are there to support you."
-Lisae C. Jordan

If you're a survivor of sexual assault in Maryland, help is available:
Find your local Rape Crisis Center on our website, or call 211 to be connected with local resources.
For legal support, call the Sexual Assault Legal Institute (SALI): 301-565-2277, or toll-free: 877-496-SALI

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