Frontline, Summer 2011

June 14 2011
  JUNE 14, 2011 There’s so much good work being done these days on primary prevention efforts–including our very own Speak Up. Speak Out. campaign.  But when it comes to technology and its inherent dangers, don’t forget that a dose of good old risk reduction can be an asset in staying safe while leveraging all that technology has to offer. In this issue of Frontline, in addition to an article about the rights of surviviors in Maryland’s criminal process, our staff will also talk about technology, how it
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Frontline, Spring 2011

March 07 2011
MARCH 7, 2011 If you’re a member of law enforcement or of the legal or medical communities, you may be looking at others to do the heavy lifting when April comes around. Even within our organizations, we’re often unsure of who should “own” Sexual Assault Awareness Month. But the truth is that we all do. It shouldn’t just fall on the shoulders of the education, outreach or prevention specialists on your staff. And it shouldn’t just fall to the coalitions or the rape crisis & recovery centers. It is one of our
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Frontline, Winter 2010

November 16 2010
  NOVEMBER  16, 2010 While much has changed in the last several months–a new Executive Director, new staff members, a new look and innovative website, the key of what has made MCASA strong remains. Our pledge to survivors of sexual assault; our dedication to you, our members and constituents; our obligation to quality programming; and our commitment to impact public policy are all firmly in place. As this year comes to a close, we offer our thanks to Blaine Hoffmann, Legal Director at Heartly House, who served as the Board’s President during this period of
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