Frontline, Summer 2011

Jun 14th, 2011


JUNE 14, 2011

There’s so much good work being done these days on primary prevention efforts–including our very own Speak Up. Speak Out. campaign.  But when it comes to technology and its inherent dangers, don’t forget that a dose of good old risk reduction can be an asset in staying safe while leveraging all that technology has to offer.

In this issue of Frontline, in addition to an article about the rights of surviviors in Maryland’s criminal process, our staff will also talk about technology, how it can benefit your organization and the survivors that you serve. We’ve evolved from the days when just having a website was enough. Now to stay relevant, many organizations are diving into the social media pool.

For many, technology can be a scary thing.  I know it’s been that way for me.  It was a quick and easy relationship to type and save word documents but everything thereafter has basically been a mystery.

Even though they turned out to be much easier than expected, diving into Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations were off putting for quite a long time.


Jennie Boden
Executive Director

This issue’s articles:

  • Prevention Corner: Getting Online for Prevention
  • Survivors’ Rights in Maryland’s Criminal Process
  • Running From Technology

Articles in this Issue

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