Frontline Spring 2024 Issue

May 10 2024
This spring at MCASA has been very busy as we worked to advocate for survivors during the 2024 Maryland Legislative Session. Thank you again to everyone who called, emailed, testified, and reached out to your elected officials this session. One of our major successes this session was the passage of the Consent Bill (HB496/SB758), which created a statutory definition of consent and repealed the requirement that the state prove “force or threat of force” in 2nd degree rape cases. MCASA was honored to help amplify the voices of survivors as they testified on the shortcomings of the current
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Frontline Winter 2024

February 01 2024
I hope you had a peaceful New Year that brought you rest and renewed energy for our work in 2024. The 2024 Maryland Legislative Session began on January 10th and we hosted our annual Legislative Reception in Annapolis on January 18th. Thank you to everyone who sponsored, supported, and attended our reception to learn more about MCASA’s legislative advocacy. We are looking forward to another busy session, with returning and new initiatives on our priority list. MCASA supports legislation that promotes justice for survivors of sexual violence, accountability for offenders, and protection for the general public. MCASA responds to policy
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Frontline Fall 2023 Issue

November 01 2023
MCASA’s team has had a busy start to the fall, hosting many trainings and attending campus and community outreach events across the state. Our Virtual Campus Training Series started with a presentation on Sexual Assault Forensic Exams: Rights, Options, and New Laws in September. Participants learned about the challenges survivors may face if they use “DIY” exam kits and the substantial concerns about whether evidence collected by DIY kits will be admissible. MCASA is committed to ensuring that survivors have all the information they need as they make choices about their care and we are
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Frontline Summer 2023 Issue

July 31 2023
This summer has been busy at MCASA as we work to offer comprehensive trainings on a variety of topics for Maryland service providers. We just completed another successful Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Training (SAVAT) series in June. Thank you to all of the service providers, advocates, and support staff who attended our training to continue to improve our response to support survivors in Maryland. We are also gearing up for the next school year, with plans for our upcoming Virtual Campus Training (VCT) series to begin in September. MCASA is also excited to invite you to join us in person
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Frontline Spring 2023 Issue

April 06 2023
The 2023 Maryland Legislative Session has been incredibly busy with important legislation moving through both the House of Delegates and the Senate as we near the end of session on Monday, April 10th. Thank you to everyone who has called, emailed, testified, and advocated to your elected officials to support survivors in Maryland and improve our prevention and response to sexual violence. We encourage you to continue to make your voice heard as final votes are held in Annapolis. We will provide an in depth update in our 2023 Legislative Report in the coming weeks.  April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month
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Frontline Winter 2023 Issue

February 15 2023
Looking back on the last year at MCASA, we are so thankful for everyone who has supported our work and for those who will continue to do so this year and beyond. 2023 is off to a busy start at MCASA! The new year brings the start to the 2023 Maryland Legislative Session, which began on January 11th. MCASA will continue to advocate for legislation that promotes justice for survivors of sexual violence, accountability for offenders, and protection for the general public. We hosted our annual Legislative Reception in Annapolis on January 19th and it was great to see so many supporters
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Frontline Fall 2022 Issue

November 02 2022
MCASA is 40 years old! Last month at MCASA’s Call to Action we celebrated our 40th anniversary and reflected on our past, present, and future work for survivors of sexual violence in Maryland. Thank you to everyone who sponsored and recognized this important milestone. Your support is crucial to our work to advocate for survivors statewide, provide comprehensive legal services, and build community connections to offer prevention education.  If you weren’t able to join us, you can check out the recording from our Call to Action here and see messages from Senator Van Hollen, Senator Ben
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Frontline Summer 2022 Issue

July 26 2022
This summer is off to a turbulent and troubling start with national news impacting rights and legal protections for survivors. The overturning of Roe v. Wade on June 24th is detrimental for the rights of women, pregnant people, and survivors of sexual assault. 13 states with automatic ‘trigger’ laws have already severely restricted or outlawed abortion altogether. Abortion access is a crucial health care service for survivors that will now have limited or no access depending on their location. Although here in Maryland abortion protections are written into state law, pregnant people and survivors nationwide do not have this
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