Frontline Winter 2017 Issue

February 26 2017
As we move into the New Year, a new legislative session begins in the state of Maryland.  Throughout this legislative session, MCASA will be in Annapolis standing up for sexual assault survivors and pushing for policies that will help end sexual violence in our state. During this legislative session, we will fight for bills that expand funding for rape crisis centers, enabling them to provide crucial services to survivors.  This is one of MCASA’s top priorities this legislative session in order to respond to the elevated need for services across the state of Maryland.  Another
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Frontline Fall 2016 Issue

October 16 2016
Sexual assault is in headlines across the country. We have the chance to talk to more people about sexual assault, remind our communities about the importance of believing survivors who have the courage to come forward, and shine light on the crucial work of local programs. Our national discussion reminds us that it is crucial to include men and boys in our prevention efforts. In this issue’s Prevention Corner article, we discuss the importance of understanding what toxic masculinity looks like in our society and how it is important to address it in our work to prevent sexual
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Frontline Summer 2016 Issue

July 25 2016
6 months. That’s the maximum time that convicted “Stanford Rapist” Brock Turner can expect to spend in jail after brutally raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. This is not what justice looks like. Turner’s lenient sentence has sparked national outrage. Beginning with the survivor’s courageous impact statement, the national dialogue surrounding this case has shown the steep price that survivors are forced to pay for rape apologism. We are reminded once again that our culture must change, that sexual assault survivors do not yet have access to justice, and that
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Frontline Spring 2016 Issue

May 07 2016
  April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. This year’s theme, Prevention is Possible, resonates with us here in Maryland. With the recent passage of Erin’s Law through both the House of Delegates and the State Senate, there has never been a better time for us to come together and ensure that all children receive appropriate prevention education. As Frontline goes to press, Maryland’s legislative session is in its last days. In addition to Erin’s law, the General Assembly has approved bills to expand the basis for peace orders to include
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Frontline Winter 2016 Issue

January 22 2016
This month marks the beginning of the new legislative session in Maryland. MCASA continues to have an active voice in Annapolis and looks forward to continuing to advocate for policies to end sexual violence. This legislative session, we will continue to press forward with bills to maintain funding for services for sexual assault survivors, limit the parental rights of rapists, and require age-appropriate sexual assault and abuse education in all schools. We also look forward to working with Senator Susan Lee and Delegate Kathleen Dumais on legislation to vacate convictions for petty crimes committed as a result of being a
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Frontline Fall 2015 Issue

November 20 2015
In the field of sexual assault prevention and response, money is an often-discussed topic. Whether it’s a shortage of vital services due to under-funding or staff burnout due to low wages, it has long been a trueism that working to end sexual violence or helping survivors of that violence is not a financially lucrative field. However, some companies have recently begun using price-gouging and scare tactics to try to turn public concern about the issue into a source of profit. New, private enterprises are now charging steep fees for trainings, promoting their services and certification programs as essential
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Frontline Summer 2015 Issue

August 18 2015
It is now back-to-school season for families throughout Maryland, and students from kindergarten through college are turning their focus towards returning to school. As we mark this season, it is important that we continue to address sexual violence affecting students of all ages. College sexual assault remains a top priority for MCASA, as our College Policy Project continues to work towards improving collaboration and resource availability for college students throughout Maryland. Stopping college sexual violence requires strong and appropriate prevention efforts. In this vein, two features this quarter are focused on this issue of preventing sexual violence at colleges. Our
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Frontline, Spring 2015 Issue

June 03 2015
June 12, 2015 Sexual assault continues to receive unprecedented attention in national media.  Sexual assault in the military, at college campuses, and in prisons have all been in the media spotlight.  Awareness of human sex trafficking and sex assault of children has increased.  Survivors of all ages, genders, and backgrounds are being recognized.  Through it all, Maryland’s rape crisis and recovery programs continue to do what they have done for decades:  respond to survivors and educate their communities.  This issue of Frontline spotlights For All Seasons, the sexual assault program serving the mid-Eastern Shore.
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