Frontline Fall 2020 Issue

October 16 2020
Fall is often a time of exciting new beginnings; students are returning to school, some may be heading to college campuses for the first time, and many of us look forward to new opportunities to spend time with friends and family as holidays approach. Fall 2020 looks a lot different than in previous years as we’ve settled into a routine marked by social distance and public health precautions. Despite all these changes, MCASA hasn’t stopped working to end sexual violence and support survivors. We have been busy ensuring that we continue to offer quality training, technical assistance,
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Frontline Summer 2020 Issue

August 12 2020
Maryland has moved into the summer months following a Spring of turmoil and change. The end of May and June brought historic protests throughout the country and throughout the world in response to police violence against the Black community and our nation’s history of persistent racism and oppression. MCASA reaffirms its commitment to addressing systemic racism. We know that all forms of oppression are inextricably linked, that we cannot end sexual violence without ending racism, and that sexual violence is linked to other forms of violence. MCASA unites with other advocates working to change this permanently; in
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Frontline Spring 2020 Issue

April 10 2020
Sexual violence does not stop because of a virus.  As Maryland and the United States take precautions for the health and well-being of our communities, MCASA and the SALI are here for you and will continue to provide services to our clients, Rape Crisis Centers, SARTs, and other professionals.  Our staff is teleworking, but we are open full time to support you.   During this time survivors of sexual violence may be experiencing increased dangers and isolation.  Now more than ever, it is important to share accurate information and resources with our community to make sure that
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Frontline Winter 2020 Issue

January 10 2020
The beginning of 2020 is a time for reflection and for hope.  The past year – and the past decade – have brought tremendous changes for survivors of sexual assault.  There is greater recognition that sexual assault and sexual harassment not only happen, but are common experiences.  There is better support for survivors and greater recognition that we need to improve how we react to survivors in our families, communities, and institutions. The beginning of 2020 also brings the start of Maryland’s annual legislative session.  MCASA supports legislation that promotes justice for survivors of sexual violence,
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Frontline Fall 2019 Issue

October 03 2019
As fall gets into swing, we are preparing for many changes in the higher education community.  Higher education institutions are currently implementing the requirements of Maryland’s Fair Process state law, at the same time that proposed Title IX regulations threaten to drastically alter students’ rights and the university’s responsibilities under federal law.  We are hopeful that the Fair Process law offsets whatever erosion of federal rights may occur.  As these changes are underway, the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault’s college program remains important resource for schools, colleges and universities and
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Frontline Spring 2019 Issue

June 12 2019
MCASA continued to advocate on behalf of survivors of all types of sexual violence during the legislative session that ended in April.  We advocated for bills that addressed child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, sexual harassment, rape, and other forms of sexual exploitation.  Our goal is to improve systems at every level.  Survivors should have access to justice, services, and support without regard to their immigration status, gender identity, class, race, age, or choice to participate in the criminal or civil justice systems.  Sexual violence must be condemned no matter who the assailant is.   This year
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Frontline Winter 2019 Issue

January 31 2019
Over the course of the next 90 days we will be working tirelessly in Annapolis to #SpeakUpSpeakOut for survivors.  Now -- over a year out from the #MeToo movement -- we have seen some great victories, like the convictions of Larry Nassar and Bill Cosby, and the clemency ruling for Cyntoia Brown. But we still have a long way to go to address rape culture and protect sexual assault survivors. Join us, as we begin the 2019 Legislative Session! We will #SpeakUpSpeakOut to secure sexual harassment laws that protect EVERYONE.  This past year the National Women’s Law Center
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Frontline Fall 2018 Issue

December 06 2018
Earlier this fall, MCASA watched with you as Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford bravely stood before the Senate Judiciary Committee and shared her testimony.  We believe Dr. Ford, as we believe all survivors.  MCASA will never forget the negative reactions and responses to Dr. Ford’s testimony.  The vilification of women who speak out against powerful abusers has been perpetuated in our society for far too long.   With this in mind MCASA will not give up on our fight to end sexual violence. Many survivors have come forward with their stories, inspired by Dr. Ford&rsquo
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