Frontline Fall 2015 Issue

Nov 20th, 2015

In the field of sexual assault prevention and response, money is an often-discussed topic. Whether it’s a shortage of vital services due to under-funding or staff burnout due to low wages, it has long been a trueism that working to end sexual violence or helping survivors of that violence is not a financially lucrative field.

However, some companies have recently begun using price-gouging and scare tactics to try to turn public concern about the issue into a source of profit. New, private enterprises are now charging steep fees for trainings, promoting their services and certification programs as essential for professionals working in fields such as college sexual assault response. Web development companies are marketing their products aggressively by suggesting that they might prevent sexual violence. The commercialization of sexual assault–this exploitation of public concern and fear–is an alarming trend. In this issue of Frontline, we explore some of the new and unexpected ways in which sexual violence and finance overlap.

On the bright side, there are many dedicated professionals in the field advocating for and counseling survivors of sexual violence and working to end sexual violence, and everyone can do something to help. Whether you work in the field, like our wonderful colleagues at the Center for Abused Persons (the subject of this issue’s Program Spotlight) or are a community member interested in helping, Giving Tuesday is fast approaching, and there are many ways to give to the fight against sexual violence. Many give time, energy, advocacy, and passion to this important work. Others choose to help financially, by donating to organizations filled with those whose daily work is in this field. Giving Tuesday is a perfect time to give, and as December 1st approaches we hope you will follow along as we show how every donation makes an impact.


Best wishes,


Lisae Jordan, Esq.
Executive Director and Counsel


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