Frontline, Fall 2014 Issue

October 30 2014
  What can we do to prevent sexual violence? It’s the question we hear from community members, policymakers, educators, and colleagues. In many ways, all of our work touches on prevention.   Perpetrators are punished, in part, to provide deterrence. Protective orders and peace orders are issued to prevent future violence. Even counseling can have a preventative effect as we work with clients to help them set boundaries and recognize abusive behavior. This issue of Frontline looks at current issues in primary prevention. In the past, prevention efforts often focused on potential victims — primarily women and
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Frontline, Summer 2014 Issue: Sexual Assault on Campus

August 15 2014
August 15, 2014 1 in 5 women has been sexually assaulted while in college. This is the startling fact the White House Council on Women and Girls reported in their report, Rape and Sexual Assault:  A Renewed Call to Action.  To increase the nation’s response to this sexual assault, the administration created a Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault, which issued its first report, Not Alone in April.  This report provides important guidance about responding to sexual assault on campuses and has renewed energy for addressing the issue. Key to an effective response is
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Frontline, Winter 2014 Issue

January 06 2014
  JANUARY 6, 2014 Ten years ago, MCASA created SALI – the Sexual Assault Legal Institute. It was one of the first and only legal services offices devoted solely to the needs of survivors of sexual assault and abuse. In the fall of 2003, SALI was created with the help of the Violence Against Women Office at the Department of Justice. OVW recognized that, while many victims of domestic violence had access to legal services, there were virtually no services for sexual assault survivors who were not intimate partners of their assailant. The Maryland Legal Services Corporation provided more support by
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Frontline, Summer 2013 Issue

August 19 2013
Human sex traffickers use threats, violence, or coercion to gain power over vulnerable individuals and treat their victims as modern-day slaves. By selling their victims’ bodies, the traffickers are able to make large amounts of money. While laws like the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 are in place to combat this massive crime against human rights, the number of victims of human trafficking continues grow and the MD HT Task Force of which MCASA is a member works hard to combat human trafficking in our state . This issue of Frontline includes articles
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Frontline, Spring 2013 Issue

April 10 2013
Sexual assault survivors deserve strong public policies.  MCASA continues to advocate for survivors and the programs that serve them. After long and partisan delays, the US Congress finally reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act.  I was honored to represent MCASA at the White House to see President Obama sign this important legislation into law. Maryland’s legislative session ended on Monday and MCASA has been tracking over 50 bills.  After years of advocacy, the Human Trafficking Asset Forfeiture bill passed and we will have an important new tool to fight sex trafficking.  Other successes include bills
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Frontline, Winter 2013: Responding to Sexual Violence with Legislation

January 16 2013
We look to our legal system to help prevent sexual violence. Criminal laws against rape, human trafficking, child sexual abuse, and other sex crimes are seen as deterrents to violence and sources of justice for survivors. But other aspects of the law are just as important to preventing and responding to sexual violence. Civil laws can also provide protection, choice, and justice. This issue includes articles by three legislators about their proposals to help respond to sexual violence through changes in our civil laws. Delegate Kathleen Dumais writes about Human Trafficking and how to help stop it by requiring traffickers
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Frontline, Fall 2012: How Far We’ve Come

November 07 2012
In today’s edition of Frontline, we celebrate how far MCASA and the movement against sexual violence has come since 30 years ago. Make sure you sign up to receive Frontline (our quarterly e-newsletter) in your inbox here. If you missed it, you can read all six articles below. Reports from each of our programs on the highlights of years past and what’s to come: MCASA Women of Color Network, founded 2001 (Link) Sexual Assault Response Systems, founded 2002 (Link) Sexual Assault Legal Institute, founded 2003 (Link) Member Program Spotlight: Five Questions with Heartly House (Link) A  look
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Frontline, Winter 2012

February 05 2012
  JANUARY 19, 2012 A recent, personal experience reaffirmed for me the importance of taking action when you think there’s even a possibility that someone is at risk. I think we all asked the same question after news of the indictments against former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky broke:  How could so many people have stood by and not protected those children? Like many advocates working in the field, I believe in primary prevention. But until we are able to fully fund and develop effective prevention campaigns, we find ourselves continuing to provide services to survivors
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