About the College Consortium

In the spring of 2001, the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA) established the College Consortium to address sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, and stalking on Maryland’s college and university campuses. The Consortium is a statewide network of college staff and other professionals that works collectively to prevent violence and respond to the needs of student survivors on Maryland campuses.

Our Goals:

  • To ensure fairness for all Maryland students and promote justice for student survivors statewide.
  • To improve student-survivors’ access to quality, compassionate care by supporting colleges and universities in their efforts to prevent and respond to sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, and stalking.
  • To develop effective and comprehensive prevention programs that address sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, and stalking.
  • To develop inclusive prevention and response programs that build schools’ cultural competence in serving their diverse student populations, including LGBTQ students, students of color, low-income and/or first-generation students, and students with disabilities.
  • To educate our colleagues at peer institutions by sharing prevention strategies and resources that will lead to the elimination of sexual violence on campuses.
  • To improve schools’ responses to sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, and stalking through the development and maintenance of campus and community resource networks, including collaboration between schools and their local Rape Crisis Centers as well as other local organizations.
  • To provide a forum for schools to share best practices and survivor-centered policies and procedures related to campus sexual violence response.

The MCASA College Consortium project provides an opportunity for every campus in Maryland to develop effective policies and protocols that demonstrate to every student that:

  • Sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, and stalking are preventable.
  • Violence will not be tolerated.
  • All community members can serve as proactive bystanders.
  • Sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, and stalking are crimes with serious legal consequences.
  • Victims and survivors of sexual assault will have access to comprehensive and confidential services, including immediate advocacy, medical care, and counseling services, as well as timely legal services.

Membership Benefits

As members of the College Consortium, colleges and universities receive:

  • Free training with MCASA staff, including trainings on prevention, bystander intervention, and working with underserved populations such as the LGBTQ community and students with disabilities.
  • Invitations to participate in roundtables with other college leaders, prevention staff, and Title IX Coordinators.
  • Resource sharing and email updates.
  • Personalized review of campus policy, curriculum, and other prevention and response efforts.
  • Customized training materials, including online prevention modules.
  • Discounted tickets for some MCASA events.

When a college or university joins the College Consortium, the school name will be added to MCASA’s website. 

How to Join

To learn more about MCASA membership and join the college consortium, please click here

Current Members

Cecil College Harford Community College
Montgomery College Notre Dame of Maryland University University of Maryland, College Park