April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, where we work to build a connected community dedicated to ending sexual violence and supporting survivors. April 2023 marked the 22nd anniversary of the first official SAAM. 

This year, MCASA uplifted the stories of advocates, service providers, preventionists, and educators in Maryland about why they do this work. We shared responses to the prompt ‘'I am raising awareness because...." across our social media platforms throughout the month to highlight the work of dedicated professionals in sexual violence prevention and response.

While SAAM is a wonderful opportunity to recommit to prevention, it is critical that we don’t put prevention aside when the month is over; it needs to be an ongoing, yearlong process. Please click here to learn more about how you can contribute to prevention every day, or click here to request a training on prevention topics. You can also access more SAAM materials below. 



I am raising awareness because...


Drawing Connections: Prevention Demands Equity 

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center hosts SAAM every year and has a rotating theme. SAAM 2023's theme was "Drawing Connections: Prevention Demands Equity." Find out more here. Stay up to date on virtual SAAM opportunities via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and participate along with us in the NSVRC's #30DaysofSAAM Instagram contest


MCASA on the Go

MCASA released another SAAM podcast series throughout April. MCASA On The Go can be found and listened to on our website, Spotify, and Youtube. We were also honored to be spotlighted on the National Sexual Violence Resource Center's Resource on the Go Podcast in April! You can click here to listen to the episode.


SAAM Community Events

Stay tuned for SAAM 2024 events!                    

SAAM Activities

Bored at home? Try these SAAM-related activities, including coloring pages and more!

Previous SAAM Campaigns

Are you seeking ideas for a campaign to bring to your campus or community this SAAM? Check out MCASA's previous SAAM campaigns that can be adapted to meet the needs of your community. If you would like help using one of these campaigns or creating something new, reach out to us for technical assistance at [email protected]

SAAM Resources

We created a resource Planning for Hybrid SAAM - Best Practices Guide that provides tips for developing campaign messaging, expanding your impact, and planning both virtual and in-person SAAM events this year.  


MCASA's Mission Matters. To help us support survivors during SAAM, you can make a donation here