Welcome to MCASA's Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Fundamentals Training (Online).

MCASA's Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Fundamentals Training (Online) is an online training for advocates who work directly with sexual assault survivors in Maryland. The training covers both introductory and advanced topics to provide a foundation for best practices for advocates in the field of sexual assault services. This training will include both self-paced learning modules and live webinars facilitated by MCASA and SALI staff and guest speakers. 

Self-Paced Learning Modules

MCASA has a variety of self-paced learning modules that will be available to complete throughout the rest of the month. Please see the below schedule for recommended completion times, as some modules correspond with a live webinar. Please be sure to fill out the evaluation AND CEU form (when appliciable) to receive credit for these learning modules. 

Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention for Advocates (60 mins) Passcode: MCASA

Child Sexual Abuse Training (60 mins)

SALI 101 (60 mins) 

Juvenile Offenders (30 mins) Passcode: MCASA

Role of SART & SAFE Exams (30 mins) Passcode: MCASA

Prevention Fundamentals and Theory (60 mins)

Prevention in Action (60 mins)

Sexual Assault and Substance Use (60 mins) Passcode: MCASA

Sexual Assault and Its Effects on Survivors (30 mins)

Supplemental Learning

MCASA has created an Online Training Library, featuring over 80 free online trainings and webinars for sexual assault service providers. These resources serve as professional development opportunities readily available at any time for you to access. For the Sexual Assault Victim Advocate Fundamentals Training, we have chosen to highlight the following webinars below to contribute to a well-rounded month of education. Please be advised that unless otherwise specified, MCASA cannot provide CEUs for these trainings as they are produced by outside organizations. These trainings are optional and in addition to MCASA facilitated instruction.



MCASA's Virtual Campus Training Session #4: Recognizing and Responding to Stalking on College Campuses, featuring guest speaker Dana Fleitman -- the Training & Awareness Specialist at the Stalking Prevention, Awareness, and Resource Center (1.5 hrs, CEUs available)

MCASA's PREA Training Series: Session #1: PREA Standards in Focus (56 mins, CEUs available) 

MCASA's PREA Training Series: Session #2: Sexual Violence in Detention, the Detention Environment, and Trauma-Informed Care (62 mins, CEUs available)

MCASA's PREA Training Series: Session #3: Sexual Violence in Detention, Providing Victim Services for Incarcerated Survivors (85 mins, CEUs available)

MCASA's Hospital Based Advocacy Webinar (86 mins, CEUs available)

Introduction to Human Trafficking Laws and the Collateral Consequences of Criminalizing Survivors (1 hr) 

Ask a Cybersecurity Expert: Student & Victim Safety (1 hr)

Interactive Course

ACEs Overview & The Public Health Approach to Preventing ACEs (30 mins)


Stop Sextortion (90 sec)

The Intersections Between Domestic and Sexual Violence, Racism, and Homelessness (3 mins)

Body Sovereignty and Kids: How we can cultivate a culture of consent (16 mins)

While registration for this training is entirely free, we would greatly appreciate a donation to support MCASA's work for them. Our goal of ending sexual violence and responding to survivors continues. We are grateful for whatever you can give to support Maryland survivors of sexual violence. Simply choose the level that works best for you, and follow the link below to donate now.