Prevention Corner: Workplace Protections for LGBTQIA+ Employees - Self-Paced Training Module Launch

Feb 01st, 2024

By Alyssa Garagiola, Training and Community Engagement Policy Advocate

In Spring of 2021, MCASA was awarded a grant from the Maryland Department of Health to expand our prevention work with LGBTQIA+ communities. Our strategy focused on increasing the coordination of community resources, as well as increasing collaboration among service organizations that serve LGBTQIA+ communities. This included partnering with FreeState Justice, a statewide LGBTQ+ advocacy organization that provides direct legal services, policy advocacy, outreach, education, and coalition building in Maryland. Together, we focused on increasing economic security for LGBTQIA+ communities and enhancing protective factors against sexual violence.

In particular, we strived to increase workplace protective factors against sexual violence in LGBTQIA+ communities as a primary prevention effort. MCASA and FreeState Justice's goal was to inform current and prospective employees who are members of the LGBTQIA+ communities, of their employee rights and available resources to prevent workplace sexual harassment and sexual assault.

The information and resources in this self-paced learning module include:

  • Key terminology including a selection of LGBTQIA+ identity descriptors and terms related to workplace sexual harassment and sexual assault
  • An introduction to sexual violence risk and protective factors and how they may show up in the workplace
  • Federal and State legal protections and steps to take legal action
  • An overview of victim assistance options and where to turn for legal assistance
  • Supplemental information about the best-ranked places to work, according to the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index

Ultimately, when current and prospective employees learn more about their legal rights, options, and resources, they will be better prepared to enter the workforce and recognize workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.

This new self-paced module created by MCASA and FreeState, Workplace Protections, Rights, and Resources for LGBTQIA+ Employees will be available on our website in February 2024.

This project is supported by the Maryland Department of Health Rape & Sexual Assault Prevention Program Sexual Violence Prevention for the LGBTQ+ Community (#PHPA-1409) Grant.

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