Program Spotlight: FCRC

Aug 27th, 2018

In this quarter’s Program Spotlight, we highlight the efforts of the Family Crisis Resource Center of Allegany County and their important programs and services for survivors of sexual assault.


1. What is your name, title, and how long have you been with your organization? 


Sarah Kaiser, MS, Executive Director. I’ve been with the Family Crisis Resource Center since 1999.


2. Why are you a member of MCASA? 


MCASA is our “go-to” for technical assistance on anything related to the needs of sexual assault survivors and services.  Ranging from legal assistance to training on the latest topics, MCASA’s expertise is tapped into on a weekly basis. 


3. Tell us about your organization's current prevention activities. 


Prevention activities are multilayered to impact a variety of community members.  Prevention activities include workshops with area youth at every middle and high school in the county and summer camp workshops.  Youth workshops are conducted throughout the year with the same youth (rather than a one-time experience) using the prevention practices supported by the CDC.  Information is shared on our Facebook page challenging stereotypes and misconceptions.  Prevention workshops can be designed for a specific group upon request.    


4. What are some recent events you would like to tell us about? Any upcoming events? 


FCRC provided information during the Cumberland Pride Festival on July 15, 2018.  Information tables will display available services for sexual assault survivors and information specifically tailored to the LGBTQ population.   


5. One of MCASA's top priorities is to advocate for additional funding for rape crisis centers. In 2017, the General Assembly passed the Sexual Assault Victims Resources Act of 2017, which provides dedicated and increased funds for rape crisis centers. What does FCRC hope to do with this funding? 


This additional funding supports the continuation of crisis, long term, and prevention services.  These funds guarantee that the 24 hour hotline will always be answered, an advocate will always be available to assist a rape victim in the E.R., and a counselor is always available to assist with immediate crisis needs and long term healing.  Additional funds eases the financial burden of training, ensuring that FCRC advocates remain current on the latest initiatives and provide best services possible to our community.  

Also, the additional SARC funds will support the purchase of the Bystander Intervention: Putting a Stop to Sexual Assault DVD to assist with community education, as well as purchase NSVRC palm cards on sexual assault.  And, sorely needed play therapy supplies will purchased further supporting counseling efforts. 

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