Program Spotlight: For All Seasons

Aug 12th, 2020

This quarter, we spoke to Beth Anne Langrell, CEO of For All Seasons, to learn more about the services they provide to Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne, and Talbot counties. Visit their website here for more information!

1.What makes the community you serve special?

Our community consists of the five counties of the Mid-Shore - a region that is largely rural. We have a wonderfully diverse population. Some have moved here from cities across the bridge. Other individuals and families have local roots dating back many generations. Our community is caring and supportive. People are genuinely interested in mental health initiatives and strengthening connections.

2. Tell us about the For All Seasons team's current community sexual assault prevention efforts.

We began the 2020 year with a series of Human trafficking presentations across the five counties. These presentations were free and open to professionals working in related jobs (i.e., social workers, healthcare workers, etc.). 345 community professionals attended the trainings. In April, our agency honored Denim Day with a live virtual concert to help bring awareness to sexual violence.  Leading up to the event, our staff produced a series of videos focused on our #webelieveyou messaging and outlining what you can say to show your support to a survivor of sexual violence. In May, we partnered with our local health departments and the Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence to share our hotlines and other emergency resources through hand-outs delivered at all the food distribution sites. In June, as part of PTSD awareness, we began a campaign called ASK. LISTEN. SHARE. Due to the many stressors associated with COVID-19, we are aware that people are struggling in profound ways. We have encouraged our community to ask others how they are doing, to listen carefully, and to share resources with those who need help. We have also recently delivered a free virtual workshop to the community called Living and Leading Through Uncertainty: Mental Health Strategies to Support You and Your Employees. This presentation was free and open to the public, and was directed towards local business who have been deeply hurt by COVID-19.

3. Why are you a member of MCASA?

We are a member of MCASA because we value the work and the commitment MCASA brings to preventing sexual violence across the state. MCASA creates a strong partnership between the Maryland rape crisis centers. We grow and improve through shared knowledge. MCASA keeps us aware of important legislative updates that impact our clients. We support the work they do to bring more impactful bills to congress which protect and benefit survivors.

4. What called you to your work?

I have always been a person who leads with the belief that we are put on this earth to make the lives of those around us better.  As a trained clinician and Higher Education administrator for 15 years, I continually worked with our young people who were affected by sexual violence.  I believe in courageous conversation and finding the space for vulnerable conversations that will help to move the conversation beyond a one-time program.  I continue to serve at a local regional and state level as an advocate and truly believe in the work that we do in the rape crisis and behavioral health services sector

5. MCASA prioritizes advocating funding for rape crisis centers. With the rise of the #MeToo movement why is funding for rape crisis centers important?

As more people find their voice to report sexual violence, our rape crisis centers need to be prepared to support increased numbers of survivors who are seeking services. The #MeToo movement is an incredible step in our history. It invites and encourages people to tell their story when so many have remained silent for years. When people find the courage to speak out, we must be prepared to offer high-level care, swiftly and effectively.

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