MCASA E-Lert: Support Vacating Of Convictions For Human Trafficking Survivors

February 28 2019 - State Action Alert
The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee heard testimony yesterday, and the House Judiciary Committee will hear testimony on Tuesday, March 5th

MCASA E-Lert: Urge House Committee To Support Access To HIV Preventative Treatment For Survivors

March 08 2019 - State Action Alert
Rape survivors can obtain a Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE) after an assault.  This exam helps collect evidence of

MCASA E-Lert: Victims Of Sexual Assault, Child Abuse & Domestic Violence Need Lawyers, Urge Senators To Vote In Favor Of SB 811

March 11 2019 - State Action Alert
Every victim of sexual assault or domestic violence should have access to an attorney in a family law case. Without

MCASA E-Lert: Support The Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act Of 2019!

March 14 2019 - Federal Action Alert
The Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault urges you to contact your U.S. Representative this week and ask

MCASA E-lert: Call Your Legislators to Vote for Services and Vacatur for Human Trafficking Survivors

March 26 2019 - Federal Action Alert
Support Human Trafficking Survivors:  Contact Senators and Delegates to Urge Them to Vote Favorably on Safe Harbor

MCASA E-lert: Support the Federal Violence Against Women Act

April 03 2019 - State Action Alert
Contact Your Legislators in the Federal House of Representatives & Urge Them to Support the Violence Against

Stand with MCASA in Urging Congress to Increase Funding for VAWA

April 24 2019 - Federal Action Alert
The Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault urges all organizations working with survivors to sign-on to letter urging increased funding for

New Legislation Prevents HIV for Rape Survivors by Ensuring Access to HIV Prophylaxis

May 21 2019 - Press Releases
One of MCASA's top legislative priorities was signed into law on May 14, 2019: Senate Bill 657/House Bill 1249 ensures that survivors

MCASA in the News: Lawmakers target spouses who drug, rape their partners

May 08 2019 - MCASA in the News
When the 17th century English jurist Sir Matthew Hale declared rape could not happen within marriage because wedding vows implied

MCASA in the News: Baltimore County can’t explain why police destroyed hundreds of rape kits

April 26 2019 - MCASA in the News
The Baltimore Sun is reporting this week that the Baltimore County police destroyed more than twice as many rape kits

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