MCASA in the News: Audit finds Baltimore County needs to improve sexual assault investigations; officials say progress being made

October 21 2019 - MCASA in the News
For the second time in less than three years, a special review found Baltimore County authorities need to do a

MCASA in the News: Arrest of Towson student charged with rape a rare outcome on college campuses

September 30 2019 - MCASA in the News
A student at Towson University was charged last week with first-degree rape - a rare occurrence. Sexual assault is prevalent

MCASA in the News: Federal and Maryland officials warn against use of at-home ‘MeToo’ rape kits targeting local college students

September 06 2019 - MCASA in the News
The New York-based startup company, Me Too Kit, is getting criticized by federal and state officials and anti-sexual assault groups

MCASA In The News: In Alabama, Rapists Have Parental Rights

June 13 2019 - MCASA in the News
In Alabama, where lawmakers banned abortion for rape victims, rapists’ parental rights are protected Alabama is one of

MCASA in the News: Rape trial to test new witness law in Maryland

June 10 2019 - MCASA in the News
Four women say he raped them after they’d passed out. Will a new law enable all four to

MCASA in the News: Lawmakers target spouses who drug, rape their partners

May 08 2019 - MCASA in the News
When the 17th century English jurist Sir Matthew Hale declared rape could not happen within marriage because wedding vows implied

MCASA in the News: Baltimore County can’t explain why police destroyed hundreds of rape kits

April 26 2019 - MCASA in the News
The Baltimore Sun is reporting this week that the Baltimore County police destroyed more than twice as many rape kits

MCASA In The News: Rape Kit Reform Bills Making Their Way Through The House And Senate

March 21 2019 - MCASA in the News
The Washington Post reported this week on the slate of bills working their way through the Maryland legislature this session

MCASA in the News: Addressing the Injustices Survivors Face in Maryland

February 22 2019 - MCASA in the News
Executive Director and Counsel for the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Lisae C. Jordan, Esq. joined Catherine Rentz, Investigative

MCASA in the News: Signed into Law: Disclosing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Act of 2018

An article in Maryland Matters highlights the Disclosing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Act of 2018, that was signed into law

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